The Necklace

3. is Mathilde as poor as she thinks?

"the necklace"

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Mathilde Loisel in Guy DeMaupassant's "The Necklace" does not appreciate all that she has and wishes for more. She thinks she is poor, but she has a maid who comes to clean the house, and she has never had to work a day in her life. In this way, she is a spoiled, selfish person who only cares about appearances.

She apparantly does not love her husband if she insists that he does not do enough to provide her with what she wants. He even gives up the money he has been saving up to spend on himself just so that she can get a new dress instead. However, she does not even appreciate that. Her next complaint is that she has no fancy jewels to wear with her new dress. In this way, she is a terrible wife who does not appreciate the man who sacrifices so much for her.

She is also a terrible friend because after she loses Mme. Forestier's necklace, she lies to her and tells her that a clasp is being fixed. If she had not been so full of pride and unwilling to admit she'd lost the necklace in the first place, she would have learned that it was merely fake and not worth the 36,000 francs it took for the Loisels to purchase a genuine one. She obviously stops seeing her friend after the event because Mme. Forestier runs into her after ten years. Only after Mme. Loisel bitterly snipes at her friend does she learn the truth about the necklace.