The Murder of Roger Ackroyd

How could have Poirot solved the murder better?

I am doing a drama solo performance based on this novel and one of the requirements is that we show how Poirot could have solved the murder more efficiently, and i am stumped for an answer as he solves it so well. Could you give me a few answers on some plot holes he missed or how he couldve solved it better? Thankyou!

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I think poirot could have shared his ideas more with others like Sheppard. Unlike other detective fiction, where the reader (and the narrator) is privy to the detective’s process, Poirot is famously tight-lipped about his investigations. Dr. Sheppard here is commenting on Poirot’s unique access to the case. Sheppard is aware of Poirot making connections and forming hypotheses, but he has no idea how Poirot arrives at those hypotheses, nor even the details of those hypotheses. It is not until the end of the novel when Poirot is certain of his convictions that he will share them with Sheppard (and the reader). Until then, Dr. Sheppard remains confined to guessing Poirot’s ideas. The detective’s ideas are so brilliant that none of the other characters could possibly understand what he’s thinking unless he decides to explain himself.