The Most Dangerous Game

where did they brought the jaguar guns ? it was at the same night of rainsford's accident ? or another night ? and why does the author put him in such scene ? why not the captain or even whitney ?

prologed answer is accepted

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Rainsford is the famous hunter so it is obvious that he is the one who will end up being hunted. Also Rainsford's assertion that animals don't feel is another tip off that he'll be hunted.

They don't have the guns yet. THey were ordered,

"We should make it in a few days. I hope the jaguar guns have come from Purdey's.

no they said "it will be light in Rio " so they went and brought the jaguar guns there , anyway , it's the same night ? i want adirect answer please :)

No, they had not bought the guns on the same night as the accident.

okk , but you mystified on the other part of question , anyway take it easy !!