The Most Dangerous Game

what did rainsford meant on his last statement on the bed ?

relating to the plot ?

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All it means is that he won the fight. THe deal was the loser gets fed to the dogs and the winner gets to sleep in the bed.

what it meant to rainford , losing his conscious or winning the game ? which is literary and literally ?

why he didnot turn to the mainland ? he has history of sleep problems !!!or zaroff lost the final duel ? which is near to construct the plot ?

Rainsford won the game. He literally (really) got to sleep on the bed. Please look up literary. The word is an adjective referring to a body of work. THe whole story is literary, not a specific event.

okk look , if you are atrue respectful member here , you would not say that , second i know the story is literary classified , but i want one example , and there is aliteral meaning of it M.r zaroff , understand or not ?

i donot want to sleep on the bed thx so much ,,,, can you go plz ?