The Mistletoe Inn Quotes


As I look back at where I was in my life at that time, it wasn't so much they my life wasn't what I thought it would be, as that's likely true of all of us. Rather, it's that it wasn't what I wanted it to be. I wanted someone to build a life with, someone who would think about me when they weren't with me. I wanted someone who loved me.

Kim Rossi, Chapter One

Kim wanted the kind of romance that happens in a romance novel precisely because up until that point she had experienced the total opposite. Her first two finances had barely given her a second thought when they weren't with her and her ex-husband was emotionally abusive and could not have made it more obvious that he didn't love her. Kim is at peace with the fact that her adult life is not what she pictures as a child but she is aware that she will need to make some changes and take a few risks on order to make it what she would like it to be, which is why she decided to register at the Mistletoe Writers Workshop.

I think you doubt that you're worthy of love.

Zeke, speaking to Kim, Chapter Twenty Three

Zeke is very perceptive when it comes to matters of the heart, as he has spent a great deal of time studying love as a best-selling writer. He also realizes that rather than finding that the men she has chosen in the past to have been less than devoted, she has subconsciously chosen them for the fact that they don't love her. Kim has always felt that if her mother had loved her she would not have committed suicide but would have stayed with her. The rejection by the person who is supposed to live you the most made Kim feel essentially unlovable. This is also why she finds it hard to believe that a man like Zeke would fall in live with her.

You're alot of things, but you're definitely not simple. You're an enigma wrapped in a mystery, or whatever Churchill said.

Kim, speaking to Zeke, Chapter Twenty-Six

Zeke claims to be a simple guy who loves the simple and in implicated life but because he has not yet confessed his true identity to Kim there are many things about him that don't add up. He is too perfect to be single, he is incredibly knowledgeable about publishing for an unpublished writer and he is clearly wealthy without being ostentatious, which makes him rather a red flag because he is one big contradiction. Kim's observation about Zeke also says a great deal about her view of herself; she is single because she is flawed, but Zeke is single because of something totally in fathomable.

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