The Mistletoe Inn Imagery

The Mistletoe Inn Imagery

Winter, Chapter Ten

"It was dark when my cab drove up a pine-lined lane to the Mistletoe Inn, each of the trees wrapped with white Christmas lights."

The author describes the classic winter appearance of the Inn from the driveway and just as the driveway lead is up to the inn the description of the pine trees lining the lane and the dazzling Christmas lights leads up to the extremely Christmas setting of the inside of the inn, emphasizing the Christmas theme.

Christmas, Chapter Ten

"The inn was decorated for the season with twinkling, draped garlands running the length of the hotel, glowing against the snow-blanketed backdrop of the deep purple night."

the twinkling lights add to the magical and romantic picture of the inn which reflects the romance of the situation and the magic that is going to happen in bringing Kim and Zeke together.

Christmas, Chapter Ten

"I was embraced by the warmth and ambiance of the inn's extra agent lobby. Greensleeves played on a harpsichord faintly reverberated throughout the room. All around the lobby were flickering red candles, and the room was filled with a pleasant scent of cinnamon, clove and pine."

In this descriptive paragraph, the author feeds all of the readers' senses with a rich account of the hotel lobby. In another reference to love and romance the warmth "embraces" Kim as she enters.

Romantic Surroundings, Chapter Ten

"In the center of the room was a tall, king-sized bed with an antique headboard of dark oak and tufted dark brown leather. The bed had a thick greenish-tan duvet cover with matching pillow shams along with several smaller decorative pillows. On the walk opposite the bed was a large, rectangular mirror in an elaborate wooden frame."

The author here is doing exactly what Zeke tells Kim she needs to do when she writes - describe everything that she sees so that the readers feel the same things that her characters do. In this way the coziness of the room is portrayed well and fills the reader with the same kind of warmth that Kim feels when she sees it and is relaxing after coming inside from the snow.

Christmas, Chapter Twenty-Four

"Outside, a pristine, crystalline blanket of snow lay snugly across the grounds of the resort, shimmering beneath the morning sun."

The description here again emphasizes the magical appearance of the snow outside as it is glittering like fairy lights in the sunshine in the same way it glittered next to the night-time fairy lights, carrying on the air of Christmas magic that is around Zeke and Kim.

Christmas,, Chapter Twenty-Four

"As I got out of the taxi, my senses were assaulted by the sweet-smelling wares of the outdoor vendors - candies nuts, kettle corn, caramel-dipped fruits and chocolate - all sharing the crisp air with the sounds of school and church choirs and street musicians."

Describing the scene at the Cheisas market, the author again does not just appeal to our visual imagery but to other senses as well so that the conglomeration of sweet smells and the cacophony of musical sounds overwhelms the reader as it does Kim. The Christmassy mood is contagious and it is easy to imagine the excited anticipation that is building among the festive scene.

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