The Mill on the Floss

critically analyse the downfall of Mr. Tulliver.??

Downfall of Mr.Tulliver

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Mr. Tulliver is Maggie and Tom’s father. At the beginning of the novel he is the proprietor of Dorlcote Mill, which has been in his family for generations. He is hot-tempered, stubborn, and litigious, although also intelligent, though uneducated, and very generous and loving towards Maggie and his sister, Mrs. Moss. He is proud of Maggie’s intelligence, although he isn’t sure what use it will be to a girl. He is also prideful, especially when he comes in conflict with his wife’s very opinionated sisters, and this along with his tendency to “go to the law” leads to him losing all of his assets, including his mill and farm. He believes that all of his troubles are caused by lawyers, particularly Mr. Wakem, and paying back all of his debts and punishing Mr. Wakem become his two obsessions after he loses everything until the moment he dies.