The Metamorphosis

The Metamorphosis

what words& details the author use to create the theme of isolation?

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Gregor feels trapped and isolated in his job by his duty to his family, but he dreams of the day when he can finally pay off their debts and quit his job. His need for freedom from the restrictive demands of work is expressed in his metamorphosis, by means of which he escapes. This escape, however, fails to bring Gregor freedom, for he is now imprisoned by his family in his room and isolated from the whole world. Thus, when Gregor works, he is isolated by his job and, when he doesn't work, he is isolated by his family. There is no way of balancing out freedom and duty, and in the end one is always a slave alone with himself. The only means of escape turns out to be death. You will have to examine the text to find specific words.