The Maze Runner

why, despite their youth and lack of adult supervision, the residents of the Glade did not give up on preserving order

i have to make a thesis statement from the answer to the question

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The Gladers rely on order, one of their primary rules, to maintain their way of life. Order gives their lives in the Glade regularity, hope, and purpose. Without it, the crushing reality of their situation would give way to despair and they would give up or turn on each other. Order allows them to maintain a community instead of fighting against one other.

The Maze is chaotic. It changes every night, making it nearly impossible to map and solve. In the Maze there is no mercy and normal rules do no apply. The Grievers have no set of ethics and extreme caution must be employed at all times. Unlike the Glade, it is not a safe place. The Glade is set in stark contrast to the Maze as a place where some form of civilization still exists - perhaps moreso than in the real world.