The Mayor of Casterbridge

how does heantehard downfall n farfae comes rich

how does heantehard goes to downfall n viceversa

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When Michael Henchard e believes he is crossed, he becomes extremely angry and will stop at nothing to ruin his rival. Unfortunately, he always comes to regret his anger, usually when it is too late to make amends. The whole novel tries to determine whether his character works against him, or if a heartless fate has brought him down. Farfrae is well-rounded: he knows business, and he also understands society's desires for courtly manners and entertainment. Michael greatly respects Farfrae and asks him for advice on several occasions. However, Farfrae has everything that Michael doesn't: the love of Lucetta, the support of the townspeople, and eventually the mayorship of Casterbridge. At the end of the novel, Farfrae finds happiness in his marriage to Elizabeth-Jane.