The Mayor of Casterbridge

compare the characters of farfrae and henchard.

comparison between donald farfrae and michaael henchard.

the characters of the novel ''mayor of casterbridge''

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Farfrae is Michael henchard's opposite in nearly everyway. they are phyisical opposite. whereas henchard is tall, strong and somewhat clumsy. farfrae is short, lithe and well coordinated. whereas henchard is not well educated. farfrae is intelligent and very well informed about the scientific and business aspects of the grain and com industry. henchard is aggressive and abrasive, but farfrae is gentle and likeable. inshort, farfrae is everything henchard would love to be, and loves to pretend that he is.


my own notes.

they both are totally different from eachother, henchard is incomparable to michael.


thomas hardy writer