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The Master and Margarita Study Guide

by Mikhail Bulgakov

The Master and Margarita study guide contains a biography of Mikhail Bulgakov, quiz questions, major themes, characters, and a full summary and analysis.

Book One

The Master and Margarita takes place in two worlds: Moscow, between Wednesday night and the following Saturday night, and Pilate's world, 2000 years before in Yershayalim, during Passover. The novel begins on a Wednesday night in Moscow at Patriarch's Ponds, where Mikhail Alexandrovich Berlioz and Ivan Nikolaevich Ponyrev have a mysterious encounter with Professor Woland, who is the devil. He challenges their atheism with a story, which is the reader's first introduction to Pilate's world. Pilate is questioning Yesha Ha-Nozri; though he does not want to condemn Yeshua, he realizes he must after he asks Yeshua about his conversation with Yehudah of Kerioth. Yehudah had betrayed him in front of state authority. After being pressured…

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why does the master visit Ivan in the hospital before they leave with Woland?

right before the master leaves the hospital with woland he wants to visit ivan

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