The Lucy Poems


  1. ^ The fifth poem, "I travelled among unknown men", first appeared in Poems in Two Volumes, published in 1807. Wu 1999, 250
  2. ^ Critics strongly contested this assertion; see Margoliouth 1966, 52
  3. ^ Further examples of Lucy representing Dorothy can be found in "The Glow-Worm" and "Nutting". A recently published version of "Nutting" makes the connection between Dorothy and Lucy more explicit, and suggests that the play with the incest prohibition came equally from Dorothy as from William. See Johnston, 465
  4. ^ Most of the poems Wordsworth wrote while living in Goslar were about people who had or were about to die. Johnston 1998, 463
  5. ^ Wordsworth knew three rivers of that name; in Derbyshire, Yorkshire and Westmorland, but each could equally be the setting for the verse.

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