The Luck of Roaring Camp Characters

The Luck of Roaring Camp Character List

Tommy Luck - "The Luck"

Thomas Luck, also called “The Luck”, is a newborn baby, whose mother, the only woman in the camp dies in child-birth. The men in the camp do not abandon him, on the contrary, they try to take care of him. Tommy is raised by a man and an ass which creates an extraordinary bond between him and the nature.  Many of the Roaring Camp inhabitants see the newborn as their savior, and thus name him Tommy Luck. When Tommy Luck dies, the villagers lose their luck. 


Cherokee Sal

Cherokee Sal, ‘a coarse...and very sinful woman’, is the mother of Tommy Luck and the only woman in Roaring Camp. She dies in childbirth.


Stumpy is  a man who tries to help Cherokee Sal during the childbirth. When she dies, Stumpy becomes the guardian of the baby. He and an ass are mother and father to Tommy. He dies when his hut is destroyed by floods. 



Oakhurst is a local gambler who comes up with the name for the newborn.



As the floods start to endanger the camp, Kentuck tries to save Tommy, but eventually they die together in a relief-boat. 

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