The Lovely Bones

how does the mystery begin and end?

how does the mystery begin and end?

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Chapter 1/ The Beginning

Susie is murdered on December 6, 1973, by Mr. Harvey, a neighbor. He approaches Susie in the cornfield as she is taking a shortcut home. She has never spoken to him before, but does not feel uncomfortable because her parents know him. He asks her to come see something he has built. He then calls her Susie, which strikes her as odd because she never told him her name.

He tells her he built a hiding place in the ground, and he and Susie crawl into the hiding place. Susie notices a mirror, razor, and shaving cream in the dug-out, which causes her to wonder about him. He tells her he built the dug-out as a clubhouse for the kids in the neighborhood. Susie does not believe him and feels sorry for him.

Mr. Harvey asks Susie if she has a boyfriend. She tries to leave, but he will not let her. He knocks her to the ground and starts kissing her. She begs him to stop and he stuffs her hat into her mouth. He rapes her. Afterwards, he tells her to get up and tell him she loves him. He takes out a knife and kills her.

Bones/ The End

Grandma Lynn dies several years later, but Susie has not seen her yet in her heaven.

After Lindsey and Samuel marry, they move into their house. Ruth’s father sells them the house after Samuel pays him in labor as his first employee in the restoration business. Lindsey discovers she is pregnant.

Abigail stays with Jack and they give the rest of Susie’s belongings to Good Will, finally letting her go.

Ray becomes a doctor. Ruth still sees and documents the stories of the dead.

Susie is now in wide heaven, which is a place of comfort. It is from this heaven Susie sees Harvey again. He is having coffee in a diner when he sees a teenage girl who sat in front of him on the bus. He follows her and tries to engage her in a conversation. Susie sees an icicle above him and she causes the icicle to fall, hitting him and knocking him down a ravine. His body is found weeks later.

Lindsey becomes a therapist and has a daughter she names Abigail Suzanne.

A man finds Susie’s charm bracelet at the industrial park. His wife says the little girl who owned the bracelet is grown up by now. Susie hears them and says that she is not quite grown up yet.