The Lottery and Other Stories

Which characters are seemingly good natured; however, they show a different side during the events of the lottery? Explain three different moments

Explain three different moments where a charecter(s) show two sides

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Check out the story and you will see Tessie Hutchinson's friends an neighbours are all good natured as Tess moves through the crowd,

She dried her hands on her apron, and Mrs. Delacroix said, "You're in time, though. They're still talking away up there." Mrs. Hutchinson craned her neck to see through the crowd and found her husband and children standing near the front. She tapped Mrs. Delacroix on the arm as a farewell and began to make her way through the crowd. The people separated good-humoredly to let her through: two or three people said. in voices just loud enough to be heard across the crowd, "Here comes your, Missus, Hutchinson," and "Bill, she made it after all." Mrs. Hutchinson reached her husband, and Mr. Summers, who had been waiting, said cheerfully. "Thought we were going to have to get on without you, Tessie." Mrs. Hutchinson said grinning, "Wouldn't have me leave m'dishes in the sink, now, would you. Joe?," and soft laughter ran through the crowd as the people stirred back into position after Mrs. Hutchinson's arrival.

All these "good natured" people turn against Tessie when she "wins" the lottery.