The Lottery and Other Stories

In the second paragraph, it asks what do you think this story is going to be about? Make a prediction and explain your prediction using text based evidence. (A direct quote)


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It's would be very difficult for me to make a prediction, as I have read this story numerous times. Thus, I'll have to go back to the first time I ever read it and say that I believed the lottery was a good thing. None-the-less, when only using the second paragraph for consideration, it is necessary to note the accumulation of rocks and wonder exactly what the young boys were up to.

Bobby Martin had already stuffed his pockets full of stones, and the other boys soon followed his example, selecting the smoothest and roundest stones; Bobby and Harry Jones and Dickie Delacroix-- the villagers pronounced this name "Dellacroy"--eventually made a great pile of stones in one corner of the square and guarded it against the raids of the other boys.


The Lottery