The Little Prince Background

The Little Prince Background

A wonderful and philosophical story, The Little Prince was first published in the US in April 1943, and published in France only in 1946, two years after St. Exupéry died. Today a publishing phenomenon, we can safely say The Little Prince is the French work of literature the most read and the most famous in the world. It serves as a spearhead to safeguard endangered dialects and patois. Paradoxically, it is also one of the best messengers of the French language.

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry started writing The Little Prince in 1942 during his exile in the United States. He draws on his vast experience and creative ability to narrate a very unique and universal story. When it was time to illustrate his book, he decided to do the drawings himself with a very simple portrait of his character and he thus created a world that is both unique and recognizable by all.

This book is so unique that the original manuscript is kept in New York, at the Pierpont Morgan Library, which protects numerous unique original copies pertaining to children’s literature.

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