The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe

Character list

  • Lucy Pevensie is the youngest Pevensie child and, on some levels, the primary protagonist of the story. She is the first to discover the land of Narnia when she slips through the magical wardrobe in the professor's house. When Lucy tells her three siblings, they don't believe her: Peter and Susan think she is just playing a game, but Edmund persistently ridicules and teases her about it. After the restoration of Narnia, a Tetrarchy is formed, with Lucy being crowned a Queen of Narnia with her sister Susan, and she becomes known as Queen Lucy the Valiant.
  • Edmund Pevensie is the second-youngest of the Pevensie children. He has a bad relationship with his siblings, and is known to be a liar and a bully, singling out Lucy as his favourite victim. In Narnia he meets the White Witch, who plies him with treats and smooth talk. Lured by the White Witch's promise of power and an unlimited supply of the Turkish delight that has him under an enchantment, Edmund betrays his siblings. He eventually regrets his actions and repents. After he helps Aslan and the good denizens of Narnia defeat the White Witch, he is crowned a King of Narnia with his brother and becomes known as King Edmund the Just.
  • Susan Pevensie is the second-oldest of Pevensie children. She does not believe in Narnia until she actually goes there. She is crowned a Queen of Narnia alongside Lucy, and becomes known as Queen Susan the Gentle.
  • Peter Pevensie is the eldest of the Pevensie siblings. At first, Peter disbelieves Lucy's stories about Narnia, but changes his mind when he sees it for himself. He is hailed as a hero for his part in the overthrow of the White Witch. He is eventually crowned High King of Narnia, and becomes known as King Peter the Magnificent.
  • Aslan, a lion, is the true lord of Narnia. He sacrifices himself to save Edmund, but is resurrected in time to aid the denizens of Narnia and the Pevensie children against the White Witch and her minions.
  • The White Witch is the land's self-proclaimed queen and the primary antagonist of the story. She tyrannizes Narnia through her magically imposed rule. Her spell on Narnia has made it "always winter but never Christmas" for a hundred years. When provoked, she turns creatures to stone with her wand. She fears the fulfillment of a prophecy that "two sons of Adam" and "two daughters of Eve" (meaning two male humans and two female humans) will come to Narnia and help Aslan overthrow her. She is usually referred to simply as "the White Witch" but her actual name, "Jadis," appears in one proclamation in this book.[8] Lewis's later prequel "The Magician's Nephew" tells her backstory and how she came to be in the Narnian world.
  • Tumnus, a faun, is the first person Lucy meets in Narnia. Tumnus befriends Lucy, despite the White Witch's standing order to kidnap any human who enters Narnia. He was initially going to obey the order but after getting to know Lucy, he cannot bear to hand her to the Witch, and instead escorts her back to the safety of her own country. He is later betrayed accidentally by Edmund, who innocently tells the White Witch that Lucy had said she had met a faun. The witch arrests Tumnus and turns him to stone, but he is later restored to life by Aslan.
  • The Professor is a kindly old gentleman who takes the Pevensie children in when they are evacuated from London. He is the only one who believes that Lucy did indeed visit Narnia and tries to convince the others that logic indicates she must be telling the truth. "The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe" hints that he knows more of Narnia than he lets on. He is identified in The Voyage of the Dawn Treader as Professor Kirke, and appears as a young boy, Digory Kirke, a main character in the prequel "The Magician's Nephew" in which he is present at Aslan's creation of Narnia. Although never explicitly stated, there are minor parallels between himself and Aslan on the smaller scale of the country house in Dorset; in that he is rarely seen, can be sought for impartial wisdom and providing a stabilising force, before disappearing again.
  • Mr and Mrs Beaver are friends of Tumnus. They hide Peter, Susan, and Lucy and lead them to Aslan.
  • The Dwarf is the White Witch's servant. Unnamed in the book, he is called Ginabrik in the film, where he has a more significant role.
  • Maugrim (Fenris Ulf in most American editions) the wolf is the chief of the White Witch's secret police. She sends him to hunt down the Pevensie children. He tries to kill Susan but is killed by Peter.
  • Father Christmas arrives when the Witch's magical hold over Narnia begins to break. He gives gifts to Peter, Susan and Lucy, but not to Edmund, who is still in the company of the witch at this point. Peter's gift is a sword. Susan's gifts are a bow and arrows and a special horn that will always summon help when blown. Lucy's gifts are a dagger and a special healing cordial. All three later make use of these gifts: Peter slays Maugrim with his sword, Susan summons Peter's help with her horn when Maugrim is trying to kill her, and Lucy saves a critically wounded Edmund from death with her cordial. The Beavers also receive gifts: Mrs Beaver receives a better sewing machine, and Mr. Beaver gets his dam completed.
  • Mrs. Macready is the housekeeper for the Professor in his family's old country house in Dorset. Although never explicitly stated, there are minor parallels between herself and the White Witch, albeit on the smaller scale; for example, she effectively rules the country house in the absence of the Professor (terrifyingly so in the imagination of a young girl torn from her home and mother). The Pevensies certainly see her as an antagonist and dub her "The Macready". She is stated to be not very fond of children, imposes strict rules on their behaviour, and disturbs their games by taking visitors through the house.
  • Giant Rumblebuffin is a character who is turned to stone by the White Witch. Aslan restores him to life by breathing on him. Although slightly dim-witted, he is very kind. His significant contribution is to break down the gate of the Witch's castle to let the rescued Narnians out, and also to crush some of her army.

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