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The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe Quizzes

by C. S. Lewis

The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe Quiz 1

1. Who is the eldest child?

  • Edmund
  • Lucy
  • Peter
  • Susan

2. Why are the children staying with the Professor in his home?

  • Because they are orphans
  • Because he is an old friend of their father's
  • Because he is tutoring them in their studies over the holidays
  • Because of the air-raids in London

3. Where is the Professor's house located?

  • Near the sea
  • In London
  • In the heart of the country
  • In Ireland

4. Who is the first to enter the wardrobe?

  • Edmund
  • Lucy
  • Peter
  • Susan

5. What landmark is located at the edge of Narnia?

  • A lamp-post
  • A beaver dam
  • A castle
  • Two hills

6. Why does Mr. Tumnus invite Lucy back to his cave?

  • In order to become good friends
  • In order to secure Lucy's handkerchief
  • In order to turn her over to the White Witch
  • In order to tell her about the White Witch

7. What is the effect of the spell that the White Witch has cast on Narnia?

  • All of the trees in the wood are spies
  • Father Christmas never has any presents when he comes to Narnia
  • It is always winter and never Christmas
  • All of the animals are slowly starving to death

8. Why does Mr. Tumnus cry to Lucy?

  • Because he feels guilty about being in the service of the White Witch
  • Because the White Witch has turned his family into stone statues
  • Because he is slowly starving to death
  • Because he is sad to see Lucy go

9. How many thrones are at Cair Paravel waiting to be filled?

  • Two
  • Four
  • One
  • Ten

10. Which character is spiteful?

  • Edmund
  • Lucy
  • Peter
  • Susan

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