The Lightning Thief

describe zeus and poseidon and each gods throne

iiiiiiiii want to learn

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Zeus gets top billing both in the book and in classic Greek mythology. He has a bad temper and basically zaps anything he wants with his bolts of lightening. Zeus gets particularly angry when his master bolt is taken. Zeus thinks he is a ladies man so his wife Hera must put up with his constant philandering. Being top God he usually gets whatever he wants.

Percy's father is Poseidon, ruler of the sea. Percy had never met his dad because he left town permanently.

I don't have any memories of him, just this sort of warm glow, maybe the barest trace of his smile. My mom doesn't like to talk about him because it makes her sad. She has no pictures.

When Percy finally meets his dad on mt. Olympus he turns out to be a laid back God who had checked in on Percy from time to time.