The Lightning Thief

Chapter 13

1. Why does Percy try to keep a low profile on the train?
2. What new information does Annabeth tell us about her father in this chapter?
3. Annabeth says a couple of unexpected friends took care of her when she ran away from home. Any guesses who these might be? Why?
4. Why does Percy laugh when Annabeth tells him what she wants to be?
5. What magic item does Hades have? What are its powers?
6. Describe the Chimera.
7. Echidna says Percy should feel honored to be killed by her. Why?
8. What is Percy’s “fatal mistake” while battling the Chimera?
9. Why does Percy decide he has no choice but to jump? What would you have done in his place?
10. How would the battle have been different if there were no mortal spectators in the Arch?

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Percy tried to keep a low profile because his name and picture were being shown all over the newspapers.

I tried to keep a low profile because my name and picture were splattered over the front pages of several East Coast newspapers.

Please list your questions separately.