The Legend of Sleepy Hollow

legend of sleepy hallow

what does the author do to create fear in his audience? list at least two examples.

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Irving paints a strong contrast between the natural setting of Sleepy Hollow and the supernatural superstitions of the townspeople. Were it not for the people, with their stories of ghosts and their fears of ghosts, there would be no ghosts. Meanwhile, much of the tale focuses on the natural setting: the birds, trees, and the rest of the flora and fauna of the area, as well as the bodies of water, all described in beautiful detail. Was Ichabod hit by a ghostly head or a natural pumpkin? In Sleepy Hollow, there is a vibrant tradition of privileging ideas of the supernatural, and despite all the natural evidence, many people in the town blame the Headless Horseman for Ichabod's disappearance. All of these factors add to the "fear" created in the story. In short, superstition as well as the tangible experience of the afterlife through the horseman adds to the fear.