The Lady With the Dog

What will life be life for Gurov and Anna?

Anna previously said, " I have never been happy; I am unhappy now, and I never, never shall be happy,never!" Is she right?

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Anna is trapped in an unhappy marriage and indulging in an affair with another. For as long as she is torn between the two, she will ultimately be unhappy. None-the-less, leaving her husband isn't an option, as she'd be ostracized from the society in which she lives. Her family would likely disown her. Thus, the only way she'll ever be free to follow her heart and pursue happiness is dependent upon the eventual death of her husband (unless she precedes him). Sneaking away to Moscow isn't going to make her happy. In fact, I'm not even sure Dimitri would make her happy. He is a respite, an affair that cannot be serious because of her position. 


The Lady With the Dog