The Koran


  • ^[n 1] The English pronunciation varies: /kəˈrɑːn/, /kəˈræn/, /kɔrˈɑːn/, /kɔrˈæn/, /koʊˈrɑːn/, /koʊˈræn/;[137] especially with the spelling quran /kʊrˈɑːn/, /kʊrˈæn/;[138] especially in British English /kɒrˈɑːn/.[139][140]
  • ^[n 2] [alqurˈʔaːn] The actual pronunciation in Literary Arabic varies regionally. The first vowel varies from [o] to [ʊ] to [u], while the second vowel varies from [æ] to [a] to [ɑ]. For example, the pronunciation in Egypt is [qorˤˈʔɑːn] and in Central East Arabia [qʊrˈʔæːn].

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