The Kite Runner

Pick 3 quotes from chapter 10 and explain their significance

please include the page no.

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1. "Think of something good," Baba said in my ear. "Something happy."

Something good. Something happy. I let my mind wander. I let it come:

Friday afternoon in Paghman. An open field of grass speckled with mulberry trees in blossom. Hassan and I stand ankle-deep in untamed grass, I am tugging on the line, the spool spinning in Hassan's calloused hands, our eyes turned up to the kite in the sky..."

Amir and Babba are fleeing to Pakistan in an oil tanker. This is not one of their best moments. They are tired and sick. Babba asks Amir to think of something happy and his thoughts turn to Hassan. Yes, after all that's happened Amir's happy place is still with Hassan. It shows the brotherly love and deep friendship that Amir had with Hassan.

2 "You couldn't trust anyone in Kabul any more – for a fee or under threat, people told on each other, neighbor on neighbor, child on parent, brother on brother, servant on master, friend on friend. "

This speaks to what war does to a country and how it can change the people one grew up with.

3. "As if on cue, a MiG suddenly screamed past overhead. Karim tossed his cigarette and produced a handgun from his waist. Pointing it to the sky and making shooting gestures, he spat and cursed at the MiG..."

As a Russian MIG jet shoots by the Afghan shoots at it. Yes this is a David and Goliath sort of thing and also a theme of this war.