The Kite Runner

In comparison, how are the characters in this novel able to relate to others in other countries, such as the U.S? What similarities are present and what are not?

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I think for this question we might focus on Amir and Baba. Amir certainly has an easier time of it in the U.S.A than his father. Amir is younger and educated. Amir never felt truly comfortable in Afghanistan. The strict religious and social codes did not sit well with Amir. It is hence easier for Amir to relate with people without those biases. Amir is also a writer and is sensitive and articulate enough to express himself in a new land. Baba is old and set in his ways. He was an important man in his Afghan community. In America, he feels like nothing. While Amir flourishes, Baba folds into himself. He has little in common with the average American or American culture. There are very few similarities between the two countries.