The Kite Runner

How was Amir damned and what did he sacrifice for Baba?

Amir thinks to himself, 'I would stand my ground, I decided. I didn't want to sacrifice for Baba anymore. The last time I had done that, I had damned myself." What had Amir sacrificed and how was he damned? Chapter 11, pg.134

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Amir had sacrificed his identity to Baba. Baba's idea of masculinity included big strong men playing rough sports. Baba felt that a "real man" had a practical business, which he derived money, power, and respect from. Amir is small in stature and a writer. By chapter 11, Amir is tired of trying to live up to his father's expectations. He is tired of feeling emasculated in front of Baba. Amir is unwilling to validate himself using his father's criteria of masculinity.