The Kite Runner

How is Amir initially treated at the orphanage? How does Farid react when he finds out how Zaman is able to keep the orphanage open? What do Amir and Farid eventually learn about Sohrab?

Chapters 20-22

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Amir and Farid find the orphanage where they think Sohrab is. The director, Zaman, is cautious and doesn’t admit that he has seen Sohrab until Amir says he is Sohrab’s half-uncle. The orphanage itself was once a storage warehouse for a carpet manufacturer. There are hundreds of children and not enough beds, mattresses, or blankets. That past winter, one child froze to death. Zaman says Sohrab is not there, but he knows where he may be. It might already be too late, however. Amir asks what he means, and Zaman tells him there is a Taliban official who comes every month or two. The official brings cash, and will sometimes take a child with him. Farid attacks Zaman for letting this occur, but stops when he notices children in view. Zaman says he can do nothing against the Taliban, and it is the only way to get money to feed the children. He tells Amir and Farid that the official took Sohrab a month ago. If they want to find him, he will be at Ghazi Stadium the next day.