The Kite Runner

How did Rahim Khan "trick" Amir for Sohrab?

Explain the process and the reason why

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never read that Rahim Khan "tricks" Amir. Much later in the book he is in ill health and asks Amir to return to Afghanistan to retrieve Sohrab. He explains that Hassan and his wife were shot by the Taliban and Sohrab (their son) was sent to an orphanage. This was Amir's chance to atone for his guilt over Hassan's rape so many years ago. So, I'm unclear about the "trick". Anyhow I hope this helps a little.

No there was a trick. Rahim Khan told Amir to bring Sohrab and then keep him in an orphange owned by John and Betty Caldwell in Peshawar. However when Farid went to ask in the U.S. consulate he found out that they never existed.

Rahim Khan did so because he wanted Amir to atone for his and his father's sin by saving Sohrab.


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