The Jungle

Describe some of what the new immigrants saw on their tour of Packingtown.

Chapter three of The Jungle

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Basically the scene is sickening no matter what animal is being "processed". The visitors go to various galleries where animals are inhumanely slaughtered and processed. The visitors move to another gallery. This one views the cattle-slaughtering process. As the cattle are loaded into a pen, a man stands over them and bludgeons their heads with a large hammer. As the animals fall, they are moved to the “killing-bed,” where they are strung upside down by chains, and the butcher slices their throats, letting the blood drain to the floor. Though men attempt to sweep all the blood into holes in the floor, they cannot keep up the pace, so the men do their work while standing in half an inch of blood. The heads are taken off, and the skin is sliced off. The carcasses of beef are then butchered. No part of the animal is wasted. The parts are made into diverse products: soaps, glue, violin strings, gelatin, lard, and fertilizer.