The Jungle

Describe Jurgis's new job and his new boss's politics. Do you think Jurgis will be more successful in this job? Why or why not?

Chapter 30

use quote and page number for support

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Jurgis begins looking for a job and fortunately comes to find one in a hotel as a porter. When Ostrinski learns of Jurgis’s job, he tells him that the hotel owner is one of the most passionate Socialist Party members in the city. he hotel, owned by a man name Hinds, is a hotbed of Socialist activity. Hinds tells Jurgis of his own life and struggles and anytime he is faced with adversity he mutters: “‘Capitalism, my boy, Capitalism! Ecrasez l’Infame!” The hotel employs a number of Socialist Party members and every night the employees get into intense arguments and debates with guests who defend systems of capitalism and individualism. Hinds explains how the Oil Trust, the Beef Trust, and the Railroad Trust actually own the country and the politicians. Some guests change their minds and attitudes towards socialism, and some do not. I think that Jurgis at least has something to believe in now and that his job and new cause are good for him.