The Jade Peony


  • Jook-Liang - Only Sister - Born in Canada. She is the first child born to Father and Stepmother and the only girl in the family. She narrates the first section of the book.
  • Jung-Sum - Second Brother - Born in Canada. When his parents died in a town in the interior of British Columbia, he was adopted into the Chen family at the age of four as the second son. He narrates the second section of the book.
  • Sek-Lung - Third Brother - Born in Canada, and the last surviving child born to Father and Stepmother. Because he is very sickly, he is not allowed to go to school until the age of 7. This shapes many of his experiences and ideas due to spending more time with Poh-Poh than his older siblings. He narrates the third section of the book.
  • Kiam-Kim - First Brother - Born in China. He is the only child by Father's first wife. Kiam is a peripheral character in the book, and his perspective is addressed in All That Matters.
  • Poh-Poh - Also known as the Old One, she is the paternal grandmother of Kiam-Kim, Jook-Liang, Jung-Sum, and Sek-Lung. However, she is addressed by the honorific of a maternal grandmother to conceal the circumstances which allowed her, her son, and Kiam-Kim to immigrate to Canada.
  • Father - Came to Canada with his mother and young son after the death of his first wife. Helps his uncle run his business. horny
  • Stepmother - Father's second wife, and actually the mother of Jook-Liang and Sek-Lung, but upon Poh-Poh's suggestion that their names be kept simple in Canada, she is referred to by all as Stepmother. Her given name, as revealed in All That Matters, is Siu-Diep.
  • Mrs. Lim - Poh-Poh's close friend.
  • Meiying Lim - Mrs. Lim's adopted daughter, and also Sek-Lung's babysitter.
  • Third Uncle - A relative from the Chen family, a moderately successful businessman in Canada who sponsors the father, Poh-Poh, and Kiam-Kim as his "paper family." While altered immigration papers say that Third Uncle and Father are brothers, in truth they are distant relatives.
  • Dai Kew
  • Old Yuen - A tenant of the Tong Association, infamous in Chinatown for being an alcoholic and often beating his wife during her lifetime. Jung-Sum comes to own a nice heavy jacket that used to belong to him.
  • Frank Yuen - Old Yuen's son, a fellow in his early twenties who, despite tendencies to drink and gamble, is looked up to by both Kiam-Kim and Jung-Sum, as they are all into boxing.
  • Wong Bak - Old friend of Poh-Poh, he is wise and has a monkey face, but becomes a good friend to Jook-Liang. He returns to China when he can afford to go back home in Mainland China.

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