The Island of Dr. Moreau

point of examples of foreshadowing and dramatic irony that help to add interest and mystery to the novel ?

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Chapter 3

The introduction of M'ling in Chapter III is significant for many reasons. Chiefly it foreshadows the rest of the story. For example, Prendick hints at his bestiality, describing the coarse hair, muzzle-like face, and huge mouth. This chapter also exposes us to the tragedy of the Beast Men, exemplified in how the crew and even the dogs abuse the frightened and cowering M'ling. Thus, very early on, Wells ensures that his readers will be sympathetic to the Beast Men. We already find such beings pitiable and unsettling.

Other foreshadowing builds suspense, such as the unexplained animal menagerie and the captain's angry comments about the island and the voyage thus far. Of particular note is the captain's frenzied characterization of M'ling, which carries religious implications: "That's just what he is--he's a devil, an ugly devil."

Foreshadowing; Example in chapter 12. "Not to __________, that is the Law. Are we not men?" (Wells 91).