The Island of Dr. Moreau

chapter 9

1.What doe prendick see in the forest describe it

2. What does this creature do to prendrick?

3. What does prendrick discover in the forest

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1) From the text:

"I saw it was a man, going on all fours like a beast. He was clothed in bluish cloth, and was of a copper-coloured hue, with black hair. It seemed that grotesque ugliness was an invariable character of these islanders."

2) The creature looked at Pendrick and slunked away.

"Forthwith he scrambled to his feet, and stood wiping his clumsy hand across his mouth and regarding me. His legs were scarcely half the length of his body. So, staring one another out of countenance, we remained for perhaps the space of a minute. Then, stopping to look back once or twice, he slunk off among the bushes to the right of me, and I heard the swish of the fronds grow faint in the distance and die away."

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The Island of Dr. Moreau