The Island of Dr. Moreau

chapter 7

1.What connection does prendrick make about moreau

2.what had the moreau in england been researching

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1) The Moreau horrors; from the text:

" some odd trick of unconscious cerebration, there came surging into my head the phrase, ‘The Moreau Hollows’—was it? ‘The Moreau—‘ Ah! It sent my memory back ten years. ‘The Moreau Horrors!’ The phrase drifted loose in my mind for a moment, and then I saw it in red lettering on a little buff-coloured pamphlet, to read which made one shiver and creep. Then I remembered distinctly all about it. That long-forgotten pamphlet came back with startling vividness to my mind. I had been a mere lad then, and Moreau was, I suppose, about fifty,— a prominent and masterful physiologist, well-known in scientific circles for his extraordinary imagination and his brutal directness in discussion."

2) "the transfusion of blood"


The Island of Dr. Moreau