The Interlopers Themes

The Interlopers Themes


The Interlopers shows how enmity can really affect a person's life like in the case of Ulrich and Georg. All they want to do is kill one another. Moreover, grudges originated long ago and most of the times the next generations have nothing to do with these grudges but are just raised to hate the other family and mark them as enemies. Georg and Ulrich's families entered a personal ill-will for both men towards each other, each one having thirst towards the other's blood and wishing for him all the bad.


In the end of the story, Ulrich and Georg seek forgiveness from each other. Forgiveness is the ultimate way to achieve peace between people. However, it should be made in the right time, not too late, like in the case of Ulrich and Georg. Forgiveness is the best way to solve grudges and the simplest way, and it will not cause any harm, however, it will cause benefit, friendship and peace.

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