The Interlopers Summary

The Interlopers Summary

The story starts out on a winter night in a dark forest in the Karpathians. Ulrich von Gradwitz was standing alone with his rifle, waiting for his enemy, Georg Znaeym. The Gradwitz owned the forest but the Znaeym held a grudge with them. Ulrich was still searching for Georg, and finally they met one another, man to man. They started looking at each other with enmity and hatred and they were about to kill each other with their own rifles but a storm interrupted and a tree branch fell on both of them to pin them to the ground.

While pinned to the ground, each one of them started to prove that his family is the greatest and that the other family is the enemy and the evil. Georg and Ulrich each claimed that their men will come first and save them and will not save the other man.

Suddenly, Ulrich offered Georg wine but he refused. And after a long moment of silence, Ulrich decided to end this feud and told Georg that he has changed his mind and that when his men come, he will let them save Georg first. Then, Georg told him that people had never seen a Znaeym and a Gradwitz walk together or talk together in friendship, but he decided to end the feud.

Abruptly, they heard noise coming from far away and thought it was their men. They got excited but Ulrich tells Georg that the noise was not coming from people. When the noise gets closer, Ulrich discovers that they are wolves coming out for them.

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