The Interlopers Characters

The Interlopers Character List

Ulrich Gradwitz

He is from the Gradwitz family which owns a huge forest and has a grudge with the Znaeyms. Ulrich is raised to hate Georg and kill him. However, when they were stuck under the tree branch, Ulrich was the one who offered the wine to Georg as a form of friendship. Moreover, he was the one who started with the idea of ending the feud between both families.

Georg Znaeym

He is one of the Znaeyms who were enemies of the Gradwitz family. Georg too was raised to hate Ulrich and identify him as his number one enemy. Georg believes, like his family has told him, that the forest should be owned by the Znaeym family, and that it is not Gradwitz's right. When Ulrich offers him wine, he did not agree in the beginning because he thought that taking wine from an enemy was dangerous. However, when Ulrich told him that he wanted to end the feud, Georg thought about it and agreed.

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