The Hunger Games

In Chapters 1-3 what are the themes represented in the story?

Can you give an example?

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Gradesaver has an entire page devoted to the novel's main themes. I am providing the direct link below. Not being overly famiiar with this novel, I have answered the questions I am able to and left the others for Aslan, who will be on later tonight.

Some of the themes, that I have are not listed, I had previosuly checked that link, thank you so much, and sorry for asking it more than once, I thought you did not recieve the question. I appreciate your help :)

Jill, do you mind deleting my previous questions based on the themes, I'd like to just post one question with the whole content in it, so it can be less confusing, thank you.

Elizabeth- It is protocol to list your questions separately. I think it best to leave them as is.

Oh sorry, I just listed them all together, I just wanted to make sure, that they were all together, my aplogies. I can leave them seperately then, I just want to make sure that I have all the themes covered.