The Hunger Games

Chapter 18: Why do you think Katniss calls out Peeta's name at the end of Chapter 18? Mention if you think Katniss is genuine or if you think that she feels obliged in some way, since she "owes him"?


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That evening, instead of the anthem, a series of trumpets are played. These traditionally indicate a message for the tributes, usually an invitation to a "feast," meant to draw hungry tributes together and encourage bloodbath to entertain the folks at home. But the announcement, spoken by Claudius Templesmith, is not a feast invitation but a change in the rules: for the first time in Games history, the two tributes from any particular district can win together. Katniss doesn't have to kill Peeta. nstinctively, she screams out his name. I think Katniss is trusting Peeta and has greater feelings for him.