The Hunger Games

Chapter 15: Why do you think Katniss asks Rue to be her ally? Explain how you think this union will impact Katniss's performanice in the Hunger Games


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Katniss's stoic dedication is put to the test soon after when she allies with Rue. She considers to herself the tactical advantage of the alliance even as it is abundantly clear that she is desperate for friendship, and the girl she associates with Prim is a perfect companion. As Prim was seen to be a personification of Katniss's childish innocence in the early chapters, her immediate embrace of Rue as ally illustrates the journey towards shaping her identity as a girl defined by individual moral choices and not just survival. Also note that Collins' clever naming continues with Rue. The plant rue is associated in poetry with sadness, regret, and grace. In mythology, the basilisk has no effect on rue (and indeed the arena has little effect on the girl Rue). Finally, the plant rue is an insect repellant.