The Hot Zone

Given what you know about this case and what happened to the players, if you were President who would you have promoted and who would have gotten fired? Why?

The Hot Zone: The Most Dangerous Strain

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Really any squabbling about the Monkey Hose should have ended. Any individual responsible for a lapse in safety should have been held to account. Nurse Mayinga, Tom Geisbert, and Peter Jahrling are all potentially exposed to Ebola, but each character chooses to deny the possibility for selfish reasons. Mayinga is determined to travel abroad and is willing to finalize her travel papers in the city, despite potentially exposing dozens of people along the way. Geisbert and Jarhling are similarly self-involved and choose to keep their possible exposure a secret in order to avoid being quarantined in the Slammer. While neither Geibert nor Jahrling is infected, their choice is revealing, particularly when compared to the selfless actions of characters like Dr. Musoke, Dr. Isaacson, and Dr. Breman.