The Hot Zone

Describe the information provided by “Mr. Jones” concerning the Marburg virus.


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Jones confirms that the monkeys believed to be carrying the Marburg virus were given nothing more than a visual examination.

"All that animals got, before they were shipped off, was a visual inspection."

"I inspected them to see that they appeared normal. On occasion, with

some of these shipments, one or two animals were injured or had skin lesions." His method was to pick out the sick-looking ones, which were removed from the shipment and presumably killed before the remaining healthy-looking animals were loaded onto the plane. When, a few weeks later, the monkeys started the outbreak in Germany..."

Jones then states that he found out the monkeys he believed had been destroyed, were in fact, shipped elsewhere.

"The sick ones were being killed, or so I thought." But later he learned that they weren't being killed. The boss of the company was having the sick monkeys put in boxes and shipped out to a small island in Lake Victoria, where they were released."


The Hot Zone