The Hiding Place

how was betsies visions fulfilled- by organized efforts or some other means?

chapter 15

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Corrie brings a message of joy to a town struck by tragedy and misfortune. At a town meeting, Corrie sees the first vision of Betsie’s home for those hurt to live again. Afterwards, an aristocratic lady, Mrs. Bierens de Haan, approaches Corrie and asks about the Beje. Mrs. Bierens de Haan’s mother knew Corrie’s aunt and is a widow with five sons in the resistance. Mrs. Bierens de Haan tells Corrie that something is telling to donate her beautiful manor home in suburbs if her youngest son Jan returns home safely. Two weeks later, Jan returns and Mrs. Bierens de Haan donate the fifty-six-room mansion to Corrie’s cause. Just as Betsie envisioned there are gardens where the former prisoners can recover from the trauma they suffered.