The Hero and the Crown



The "Sol," or the King's closest female heir, she is King Arlbeth's daughter. Aerin is shunned because of her foreign looks and the rumor that her mother was a witch who bespelled her father so she could bear an heir with noble blood.

Despite having virtually no friends and being distanced from her father, Aerin gradually earns acceptance with her dragon-slaying, skill with horses, and knowledge of how to make the ointment kenet, which makes the wearer fireproof.

She is said to be tall, orange-haired, and a little clumsy, but after her encounter with Maur her hair darkens and she gains white flecks on her cheek where the dragon's blood hit her. She hates to sew and dance, (and is not very good at it either), preferring to ride Talat, her trusty horse, or practice swordplay in her spare time. She falls in love with Tor and Luthe, but marries Tor at the end of the book, while promising to come back to Luthe later.


He first appears to Aerin in her dreams and lives by the lake. Not quite mortal, he has the ability to do magic and teaches Aerin much about her Gift, as he heals her from her encounter with Maur. He dips her inside the Lake of Dreams, making her "not-quite-mortal," and falls in love with her.


The "sola" or the male heir to the throne, he is Aerin's only friend and loves her dearly. Honorable and kind, he hates the fact that he's the heir while the position is Aerin's birthright, but she tells him to stop being silly.

He asks Aerin to marry him at the end of the book, and she agrees, putting aside her "not-quite-mortal" part and thoughts of Luthe so she can better rule her kingdom as Queen with Tor. Despite loving Luthe, she also loves Tor very much.

He was the first to teach Aerin swordplay.


Beautiful, small, and the complete opposite of Aerin. We are told at the start of the book Galanna is jealous of Tor's love for Aerin, because despite using all her charm, she cannot get him to look twice at her. She eventually settles for marrying Perlith, a vain man of high rank who dislikes Aerin almost as much as Galanna does. Galanna loves beauty and cleanliness, and the war makes her accept Aerin more.

When they are younger, Galanna and Aerin fight all the time.

Another time, she tells Aerin by saying that if Aerin was really of noble blood, she could eat the Surka plant. Aerin eats it and becomes very, very ill.

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