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"Gatsby Symbols"


misa a #61511
Jun 26, 2008 9:14 PM

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"Gatsby Symbols"

Okay, I Have A Summer Assignment For MY English Ap Class,
I've Done fine on all of the questions and quotes and the essay. But.. Theres a "symbols" Assignment that i just dont get.. Please help?? :[

My Teacher Wrote These Instructions >_>
"Examine the following symbols in The Great Gatsby. Describe the meaning/function of each symbol. Some of the symbols are characters and some of them are actions. Think about all of them in the following way: what is the function/meaning of this symbol?

1. Gatsby's uncut books/Nick's unread books

2. Wolfsheim's cufflinks

3. Gatsby's car/ Gatsby's clothes

4. Tom Buchanan pushing people around/Tom Buchanan quoting all things "he's Read"

5. The faded timetable (showing the names of Gatsby's guests)

6, Anti-semitism, predjudice

7 Weather

8 Time, Seasons

9. The ash heap

10. The green light at the end of Daisy's dock

11. East versus West Egg

12. Gatsby's career/Nicks career

13. Dan Cody

14. T.J Eckleberg

15. Silver and gold (color)

16. White (color)

17. Green (color)

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natasha s #61683
Jul 06, 2008 6:32 PM

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LOL I have that assignment too ...

i think what he wants us to do is explain what each of the things on the list symbolsizes..

i havnt started on that part yet...still on the questions but  so far i have the green light on Daisy's deck..

its a symbol of everything Gatsby wants.. he wants to be rich...part of the old money and he also wants Daisy who he belives is the" love of his life"

hopefully that helps
ill probably post some more when i get some of it done


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