The Grand Budapest Hotel Irony

The Grand Budapest Hotel Irony

Lobby Boy

In the opening of the film, Gustave orders Zero to do a task for him to which Zero is eager to do. Ironically, Gustave has no idea who the boy is as he's never seen him before and he asks him how he got his job Even though he's been following him around the entire day thus far, this is the first time he's recognized him.

Where's Celine?

While Kovacs is reading a statement regarding Madame D.'s will, a fight breaks out between Gustave, Dmitri, and Jopling. To which a family member in the room asks, "Where's Celine?" Ironically, Celine is Madame D. and she is dead. The man doesn't even know that he is at the woman's home with her body in a nearby room, and her will is being read to the members of the family in the same room as him.

Boy With Apple

After Kovacs reads Madame D.'s wishes to give "Boy with Apple" to Gustave he and Zero take the painting off the wall and leave by train. That night Gustave tells Zero that he will cherish the painting for his whole life and will never part with it because it reminds him of the time he spent with Madame D. Ironically, 30 seconds later he says it's actually wisest to sell the painting immediately on the black market for cash and use the money to escape Dmitri's pursuit.

I Will Draw it Up

Gustave in the train car home to The Grand Budapest tells Zero that he will make him his heir. That if he should die all of his estate will go to him. He immediately says he will draw up the will. Ironically, he grabs a pen and paper and hands it to Zero and begins dictating the terms of the will to the young man.

To the Letter

Kovacs is Madame D.'s lawyer and is asked by Dmitri why he isn't doing everything he can to make sure Dmitri gets all of his deceased mother's money. Ironically, Dmitri doesn't understand that Kovacs job is to service the will, not him. This is not to Dmitri's liking and he orders Jopling to kill Kovacs.

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