The Golem


Doctor Eszterhazy series
The Adventures of Doctor Eszterhazy, Owlswick Press, 1990; includes all but one of the published Doctor Eszterhazy stories.
"The Odd Old Bird" in The Other Nineteenth Century
Limekiller series
Limekiller, Old Earth Books, 2003; includes all of the published Limekiller stories
Vergil Magus series
  • Fantasy series set an alternate ancient Mediterranean world where harpies, basilisks, and satyrs co-exist with Rome, Carthage, and the Punic Wars.
The Phoenix and the Mirror, Doubleday, 1969; the first Vergil Magus novel
Vergil in Averno, Doubleday, 1987; the second Vergil Magus novel
The Scarlet Fig; or Slowly through a Land of Stone; Rose Press, 2005, the third Vergil Magus novel
"The Other Magus," in Edges, edited by Ursula K. Le Guin and Virginia Kidd, Pocket Books; Berkley paperback, 1980
"Vergil and the Caged Bird," Amazing, January 1987
"Vergil and the Dukos: Hic Inclusus Vitam Perdit, or The Imitations of the King," Asimov's, September 1997, pp. 102–113
"Vergil Magus: King without Country," with Michael Swanwick, Asimov's, July 1998
Peregrine series
Peregrine: Primus, Walker, 1969
Peregrine: Secundus, Berkley paperback, 1981
Clash of Star-Kings, Ace double, 1966
The Enemy of My Enemy, Berkley paperback, 1966
The Island Under the Earth, Ace paperback, 1969
The Kar-Chee Reign, Ace double, 1966
Masters of the Maze, Pyramid paperback, 1965
Mutiny in Space, Pyramid Books, 1964
Rogue Dragon, Ace paperback, 1965
Rork!, Berkley Medallion paperback, 1965
Ursus of Ultima Thule, Avon paperback, 1973
With Grania Davis
The Boss in the Wall, A Treatise on the House Devil, Tachyon Publications, 1998
Marco Polo and the Sleeping Beauty, Baen Books paperback, 1987
With Harlan Ellison
"Up Christopher to Madness," Knight Magazine, 1965
With Ward Moore
Joyleg, A Folly, Pyramid paperback, 1962
Or All the Seas with Oysters, Berkely Books, 1962
What Strange Stars and Skies, Ace Books, 1965
Strange Seas and Stories, Doubleday, 1971
Adventures in Unhistory, Owlswick Press, 1993
The Avram Davidson Treasury, Tor, 1998
The Investigations of Avram Davidson, Owlswick Press, 1999
Everybody Has Somebody in Heaven, Devora Publishing, 2000
The Other Nineteenth Century, Tor, 2001
Ellery Queen books – the novels written based on outlines by Frederic Dannay, one of the cousins who created "Ellery Queen"
And on the Eighth Day, Random House, 1964
The Fourth Side of the Triangle, Random House, 1965

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