The Glass Castle

Who is Billy Deel? What does he give to Jeannette? Why? What does Jeannette do with it? What happens between Billy and Jeannette? What does Lori do? What do the police tell them?

about jeannette?

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Billy Deel was a very troubled young man. He was labeled a "juvenile delinquent," and had been known to torture and kill animals, steal, and vandalize the property of others. Billy thought of Jeanette as a girlfriend, but the feeling was definitely not mutual. He gave her a ring made of turquoise, which she eventually returned..... after he attempted to rape her. In response to being given back his gift, Billy appeared at the Wall's home with a BB gun and proceeded to shoot at the children. The police wanted them to appear in court the next morning, something that resulted in the family's hurried departure to Phoenix.


The Glass Castle